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Did you know that the United States incarcerates more women than Russia, China, India and Thailand COMBINED? It’s true.

And this week we saw some very disturbing news around reproductive care and incarceration.

“Good” news out of Mississippi where IN 2021 they’re FINALLY getting around* to banning the shackling of pregnant inmates, increasing their children’s visitations, and making sure menstrual products are actually available. IRONY ALERT: It’s called the “Dignity” for Incarcerated Women Act. Whoa Mississippi, you’re really lowering the bar on what qualifies as dignity. FFS.

And in Nebraska, a women had to sue the state to access HER CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to an abortion.

Angry Lizz Winstead with a topknot asks How Messed up is THAT?

With women being incarcerated at such alarming rates, and the horrible conditions they are living with in prison, we wanted to do a video series that explains just how racist and unjust the system is. And we wanted to talk with THE expert in the field. 

Joining AAF’s Feminist Buzzkills (Moji, Marie and me) is professional badass, ACLU board member, Reproductive Justice scholar and author of Policing the Womb, Dr. Michele Goodwin!

Dr. Michele Goodwin, a beautiful Black woman with a shorn head, smiles at the camera. Text reads

You can watch PART ONE, which tackles lack of basic healthcare and pregnancy care, HERE

PART TWO airs April 29th, 8pm ET/7pm CT/5pm PT and centers on access to abortion, for not only US citizens who are incarcerated but also what detained immigrants must go through to get care (You can only imagine how that goes???). 

Dr. Goodwin drops facts and also resources to amazing organizations doing the work to bring Reproductive Justice to those who are imprisoned in a very unjust system. 

We will be doing regular segments with experts, so subscribe to our YouTube Channel today to fuel up on righteous rage and join us in becoming part of the solution.

Yours in fighting the womb raiders,

Lizz Winstead

*The law won’t actually take effect until July 1. Good thing periods only come once a quarter! 

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